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Pinakastra Ceph Storage


Pinakastra® Ceph Storage is an open, cost-effective, software-defined storage solution that:

  • Supports cloud infrastructure and web-scale object storage
  • Combines the most stable version of Ceph with a storage management console, deployment tools, and support services.
  • Flexibly and automatically manages petabyte-scale data deployments so that the enterprise can focus on managing the business.

Specifically, Pinakastra Ceph Storage consists of

Component (Ceph 12.2(Luminous))

Capabilities :-
  • Object, block, and file storage with flexible storage policies
  • Compatibility with Amazon S3 object application programming interface (API), OpenStack Swift, network file system (NFS) v4, and native API protocols
  • Block storage integrated with OpenStack, Linux®, and Kernelbased Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor
  • Validated with Apache Hadoop S3A filesystem client
  • Multisite and disaster recovery options
  • Data durability via erasure coding or replication
  • High-performance BlueStore back-end

Component (Pinakastra Storage Console)

Capabilities :-
  • Pinakastra Ansible® Automation-based deployment
  • Advanced Ceph monitoring and diagnostic information with integrated on-premise monitoring dashboard
  • Graphical visualization of entire cluster or single components — with cluster and per-node usage and performance statistics

Component (Support services)

Capabilities :-
  • Streamlined product and hot-fix patch access
  • Service level agreement (SLA)-backed technical support
  • Deployment resources and Pinakastra subscription benefits
  • Consulting, service, and training options from the company with the most Ceph experience in the industry.

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Benefits to the Enterprises

Enterprises today struggle to manage the explosive growth of data while remaining agile and cost competitive. To manage petabytes of data at the speed required by today’s business, enterprises are turning to cloud technology to store their data. As a self-healing, self-managing platform with no single point of failure, Pinakastra Ceph Storage significantly lowers the cost of storing enterprise data in the cloud and helps enterprises manage their exponential data growth in an automated fashion.

Technical Specifications NimboStratus (Model -PIN-S-16-64-100) CumuloNimbus (Model -PIN-S-22-128-100)
CPU Dual Intel Xeon E5-2667 V4 Processor Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4
Cores/Threads/Cache/Base Frequency 8C/16T/25M/2.8GHz 22C/44T/55M/2.20GHz
MotherBoard Gigabyte X
RAM 64 GB (ECC) (DDR4) 128 GB (ECC) (DDR4)
GPU None None
NVMe (M.2) 256GB x2 (RAID 1) 256GB x2 (RAID 1)
Raid Controller 9361-8i (12GBPS) 9361-8i (12GBPS)
HDD 20TB X 5 = 100 TB (RAID5) 20TB X 5 = 100 TB (RAID5)
NIC2 10GBPS (N) 10GBPS (N)
PSU Dual Power Supply (Y) Dual Power Supply (Y)
Form Factor 2U 2U
no. of Bays 12 24
Storage (Block, Object & FileSystem) 68 TB Unified Storage (2 replicas) 68 TB Unified Storage (2 Replicas)
34 TB Unified Storage (3 replicas) 34 TB Unified Storage (3 replicas)

Object Storage

Pinakastra Ceph Storage is a production-ready implementation of the Ceph open source storage platform, designed for web-scale object storage and cloud infrastructures. It manages data on a distributed computer cluster and supports object, block, and file-level storage. Ideal for demanding applications, Pinakastra Ceph Storage offers data protection, reliability, and availability, accessible via Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, or native API protocols. Optimized for installations of a petabyte or greater, it overcomes the limitations of traditional file system-based storage. Pinakastra provides extensive support options, a robust knowledge base, and a focus on user experience, including standardized release schedules, upgrades, and deployment resources. Customers can access reference architectures, performance guides, and technical briefs to deploy Ceph successfully, with additional security from technology certifications and quality assurance programs.

OpenStack and Ceph

OpenStack is today’s largest and fastest-growing open source cloud infrastructure project. Overwhelmingly preferred by OpenStack users, Ceph scales the way OpenStack does—out, not up— and its extensible architecture allows it to integrate more tightly with OpenStack than traditional, proprietary solutions. Pinakastra Ceph Storage serves as a single efficient platform to support all storage needs—block (persistent and ephemeral), object, and file—on standard servers and disks. It’s tightly integrated with OpenStack services, including Nova, Cinder, Manila, Glance, Keystone, and Swift, and it offers user-driven storage life-cycle management with 100% API coverage.