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Edge/Distributed Computing

Edge computing revolutionizes data processing by minimizing latency, optimizing bandwidth, enhancing security, enabling scalability, ensuring reliability, and promoting efficiency. It brings processing closer to data sources for real-time responses, cost savings, and improved performance, making it essential for modern technology infrastructure.

Re-Configure Proven Cloud Technologies for Edge Compute

  • Orchestrate system-wide (Multiple Geographies)
  • Deploy and manage Edge clouds, share configurations
  • Simplify deployment to geographically dispersed, remote Edge regions
  • Geographically distributed multi-region deployment,
  • Central Datacenter providing Orchestration and Synchronization Services,
  • Geographically distributed Edge Sites of various sizes

Edge Deployments

Scalable deployment models from 1-100 servers addressing the wide range of edge use cases.

Focus on minimizing the infrastructure footprint

  • One & two server solution overhead
  • 2 cores/server
  • Frame level solution
  • 2 server master implementation
  • 1 core overhead/worker node


  • Integrated CEPH for one & two node solutions
  • Co-located CEPH on master nodes for small frame level deployments
  • Dedicated CEPH storage nodes for larger configurations

Distributed Edge Cloud Native Platform