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SoftIron Storage Solutions

HyperDrive® Performance+

About SoftIron®

SoftIron is the world-leader in task-specific data center solutions. We proudly embrace a unique, task-specific approach to design and manufacturing. This means we’ve engineered our hardware with the singular purpose of optimizing specific open-source software for the task at hand.

The outcome? Spectacular results through specialization, highly integrated hardware and software, and end-to-end support. And, unlike other vendors - because we design and build from the ground up - we are the only ones able to offer secure provenance: the peace of mind that comes with transparent supply chain processes.

We deliver all of this in an incredibly easyto- use, scalable, and turn-key solution for the enterprise.

About HyperDrive®

SoftIron’s flagship HyperDrive enterprise storage solution is purpose-built to optimize the performance of Ceph; the leading open-source SDS platform, renowned for its durability, robust resilience and infinite scalability. Supporting block, file and object storage, Ceph is the ultimate storage solution for enterprises looking to future-proof their data center infrastructure.

HyperDrive’s Standout Benefits
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in through interoperability with community Ceph distributions
  • Blistering, line-rate performance from an architecture completely designed to optimize Ceph throughput
  • Flexibility, interoperability and resilience due to legacy, multi-protocol support and no single point of failure
  • Low TCO as a result of ultra-low power and heat footprint, no licensing fees and high-density configuration
  • Undeniable ease of use through the highly integrated and unique hardware design with an intuitive management interface, delivering effortless usability and streamlined operations

The HyperDrive Performance+ Family

The Performance+ family is the ideal fit for scale-out use cases where durability and performance are paramount. Using x86 CPUs with non-shared PCI lanes and NVMe storage, they provide the lowest latency solution in the HyperDrive portfolio. Clusters can combine Performance+ family appliances with other HyperDrive appliances to deliver multiple tiered or differentiated storage service levels, managed as a single cluster from the same easy to use Storage Manager interface.

Performance+ Key Features

  • Ceph protocol performance scalability
  • NVMe SSDs
  • Task specific design with right-sized CPU and networking architecture for line rate throughput
  • Redundant power

Typical Use Cases

  • M&E delivery, CGI rendering
  • FinTech applications
  • Tier 1 research computing
  • Scientific data ingest
  • AI training
  • Cache tiering
  • Edge computing data ingest

Technical Specifications

For more information on the rest of our storage range and for current technical specifications, please visit our website.

Comprehensive Ceph Support with HyperSafe®

Considering how to integrate HyperDrive into your existing storage environment? HyperSafe is the most comprehensive, cost effective approach to supporting an existing Ceph storage environment. Whether you DIY or have an existing Ceph support contract elsewhere, we have a support solution that can help.

Learn more about HyperSafe supportsolutions here.

Take The Next Step

Is your data center being impacted by power and space constraints? Is archaic and inflexible infrastructure adding bottlenecks to your processing targets at the edge? Or, is performance being hampered by legacy storage solutions that are not keeping up with the complex and evolving requirements of modern day workloads?

Take HyperDrive for a test drive and discover what a secure, task-specific storage solution can do for your organization. Visit for more information, configure your own cluster, or book a discovery call to talk to one of our Solutions Architects.

SoftIron® is the world-leader in task-specific appliances for scale-out data center solutions. Our superior, purpose-built hardware is designed, developed and assembled transparently, and we are the only manufacturer to offer secure provenance.
Our HyperDrive® software-defined, enterprise storage portfolio runs at wire-speed and is custom-designed to optimize Ceph.
HyperSwitch™ is our line of next-generation, top-of-rack switches built to maximize the performance and flexibility of SONiC.
HyperCast™, built on FFmpeg, is our highdensity, concurrent 4K transcoding solution, for multi-screen, multi-format delivery.
SoftIron unlocks greater business value for enterprises by delivering best-in-class products, free from software and hardware lock-in.
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