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Welcome to Pinakastra Computing!

Pinaka™ High Performance Cluster

Turn key private cloud and high performance computing solutions provide at your fingertip with power of cloud.

Pinaka™ HPC helps users in resolving complex algorithms, easily manage high intensity of data with its unique platform.

With Pinaka™ High Performance Clusters users can achieve the parallel processing that their application demands there by increasing the speed of research and reduce the time to achieve results.

Flexible architecture with Pinaka™ gives you freedom to make your own configuration to meet your application demands.

The infrastructure provided helps the customer to be not worried about the regular upgrade and maintenance of the device rather just focus on the application / research.


  • Easy scaling up your clusters enable you to get quicker & better results
  • Flexible configurations that can be easily tuned to your dynamic requirement
  • Pinakastra powered enhanced security helps you to define the desired access control
  • Every penny counts. Pay only for what you use at a competitive rate
  • Detailed risk analyses and in-depth predictive customer insights
  • Run jobs at anytime from anywhere
  • Low start up and maintenance cost by automation and optimization
  • Balanced and scalable performance
  • Development acceleration
  • Code modernization
  • Computation and workload management
  • Quick discoveries

Pinaka™ HPC key features -

  • Compute
  • Orchestration
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Pay as you go